About Us

In 1989, during a time of preparation for 'March for Jesus,' John Pressdee felt that the Lord was calling him to walk and pray down the length of Great Britain. As he was not particularly fit and certainly not a walker; he checked it out with Graham Kendrick; only to find that the Lord had said the same thing to him! After completing the distance, they then felt that they should walk and pray across the country, from Anglesey to Lowestoft, thereby making the sign of the cross over mainland UK, which they did in 1990.

God had called John to continue walking and praying and Prayer Expeditions was born!

Countries we have walked through include:

Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, France, England, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Wales


“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have settheir hearts on pilgrimage.  As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs…”              Psalm 84 v 5-6


Prayer Expeditions Ltd is financed by gifts and by those who take part in the prayer walks.






John and Yvonne Pressdee