Prayer Expeditions teams are made up of ordinary people from all over the world who believe that:

·       Prayer works and releases the power of the Holy Spirit

·       God can change the effects that the past has on the present, through the power of the Cross of Jesus

·       Walking and praying can change situations and bring healing to the land (see 2 Chronicles 7 v 14)

·       Humility and apology disarm not only individuals and nations but principalities and powers too

As we walk through a country, we pray for its people and government, its history, its present and its future.  We believe that as we walk and pray, we can ask God to bless and bring healing to that land.

“We can’t change the past, but we can change its effects on the present, through the Cross.”

Routes are prayerfully planned in advance and we contact churches along the way, asking them to join in as the walk passes through their area and asking what they would like us to pray for.  Consequently, often churches from all denominations walk and pray together in their locality, sometimes for the first time.  Prayer Expeditions supporters around the world are also able to pray, using a Prayer Diary giving specific items for prayer.

We all know that there are wounds between countries, left behind by disagreement, violence and war between nations.

As our team members have walked and prayed together, the dimension of reconcilation has developed and people have apologised for the past and been reconciled to each other through the Cross of Jesus.

You may think this sounds unbelievable but, for example, in 1996 & 1997 Prayer Expeditions led a team as part of ‘The Reconciliation Walk’ where European Christians followed the route of the Crusaders, through the Balkans to the Syrian border, taking a message of apology to Moslems, Jews, and the Orthodox Church for atrocities committed in the name of Christianity. The response was astounding , and we were told, “We've waited 900 years for this”.


Some Prayer Expeditions Facts:

Our oldest team member was 82 years old…and the youngest aged 1!  The weirdest place we’ve ever slept is behind a bar under the barrels of beer!

We once held a meeting in a hairdressers - it was owned by the church pastor who then gave us all complimentary haircuts!

The team were accompanied by the army in Turkey and protected by machine guns and guard dogs in Russia!

Sense of humour/adventure a must…!


We would like to emphasise that we do not think that it was wrong to defend our nation in the two world wars and in no way do we want to denigrate the memory of the brave men and women who fought and died - indeed we want to continue to honour their memory, but we do believe that just as individuals are damaged by the things that happen to them, to the point where they need healing, so too do nations and places.

Photo Credits:

Over the years, many people have given us photographs of the walks.  In particular, special thanks go to Karl-Heinz Hatebur, Jim Loring, Andrew Read, Shirley Bower, Hazel King, Colen la Fave, Katja Richberg, Phil Reynolds, Peter Honour, Richard Garner and Colin Evans for allowing us to use their photos on our website.