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Walks Summary


An overview of the Prayer Expeditions walks timeline history is given below.  Specific information about some of the walks can be found on further pages in this section of the website. 


 ‘Every place that the sole of your foot treads, I will give you’

Joshua 1.3

 1989              Prayerwalk and Torch Run       

                   Edinburgh to London

          Lands End to London

          ‘Be strong and of good courage………’ Joshua 1.9

1990               Prayer Across The Nation 

                   Holyhead to Lowestoft                        

                   Lift up you heads O you gates…..’ Psalm 24.7

                   'Arise, walk the length and breadth…’ Genesis 1.7

1991               Pilgrims Way, Kent

1992               Prayer Across The Nations 

                        London to Berlin 

                        Blessed is the man whose heart is set on pilgrimage’ Psalm 84.5

                        ‘The Lord will break through like the breakthrough of waters’ 

 2 Samuel 5.20

1993               Gebets (Prayer) Expedition

                        Berlin to Moscow

‘Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this'     Esther 4.14

                        ‘I will also make you a light to the nations’ Isaiah 49.6 & 9


 1994                     March for Jesus, Germany

          Tubingen to Berlin

1995            Dresden 50th anniversary

            Jubilee Prayer Expedition               

          Berlin to Paris

          ‘Proclaim the Jubilee’ Leviticus 25.10

1995               Arran, Scotland                                               

                        Proclaim His holiness’ Isaiah 6.3

1996            Reconciliation Walk                     

                   Cologne to Istanbul                            

                   ‘He has made me like a polished arrow…’ Isaiah 49.2

                   ‘The Spirit of the Lord God is on me…’ Isaiah 61

1997               Reconciliation Walk

                        Istanbul to Antioch                            

                   ‘have this mind in you which was also in Jesus’ Philippians 2

1998               Walk the Walls    (organised by Grass Roots)

(to 2004)       London  

‘go round the city’…..                                    


1999               Back to the Front                                                       

          France and Belgium

          ‘the blood of your brother cries out from the ground   ‘

1999               Footprints of Blessing                      


          ‘You shall go out with peace and be led forth with joy…’


2000               Meridian Line (organised by David Pott)


2001               Norfolk Airbases


'The desert and the parched land will be glad, the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.  Like the crocus it will burst into bloom.  I will rejoice greatly and shout for joy.'    Isaiah 35:1

2003               Walk on Chalk (organised with Chris Seaton)

                        Winchester to Canterbury

                   ‘Blessed is the man whose heart is set on pilgrimage’ Psalm 84.5

2005               Lincolnshire Airbases



2006               Kent Airfields


2007               Normandy

                        Normandy, France

2008               Jersey

                        Island walk, Jersey


2009               Operation Market Garden

                        Leopoldsburg to Arnhem


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